It is the day before our last day of high school.  Which means that for Melanie and I, our film festival careers have come to an end.  To quote Melanie: “It’s been real.”  This year was a ton of fun, and our tight-knit crew of five became close over the year.  This is our final farewell.  Thank you to our crew for the best time, and thanks to everyone in film who made our time special.  We’ll never forget film.

With sorrow,

Marc & Mel

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Status: Hiatus

There are no two words in the English language more harmful than “good job”.

Luckily, Jabuticaba has not been doing a good job for the past three weeks.

I mean,  we have filmed and edited 5 out of our 14 scenes, which is pretty dosh garn productive if you ask me.  However, in the past three weeks, none of this has been achieved.  With snow days and cancelled shoots, Jabuticrew has fallen into quite a slump.

But this slump will not be eternal.  Next week we will come back bigger and better than ever.  With the rest of the movie scheduled and production predcited to wrap up around early March, Jabuticrew is sure to be back on track in no time, and their momentum will certainly carry on to Trivs.  So watch out…

…Cuz we about to whip jabuti in Trivs

Yours Truly,

Marc Sheehan

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Hey everyone, it’s Tyler

Approaching the second half of the school year, the Jabuticaba Crew is moving smoothly through the production process. We have filmed about half of our scenes, and have scheduled the remaining dates for shooting. We decided to change around a couple scenes to flow better with the progression of the script, and shot those scenes last weekend. Unfortunately, moving a couple scenes around caused us to scrap some older shots that we already had, which is unfortunate. Besides these few bumps, we should be on track to finish filming well before the due date.

Having the role of Assistant Director, I have basically shadow Marc and Melanie as they go about the different tasks for pre-production and production. I have learned a lot of different things about directing, from shot composition to color palates to the functions of different lenses. What I like most about our movie is the utilization of the different lenses for each shot, using the one that fits best for each. I am excited for the upcoming scenes that we have yet to film, and how they will turn out.

Moving to a different topic, I want to talk a little about Music Trivs. For the most part, it seems that every crew scores points each game, but there are a few front-runners. Our crew, Jabuticaba, has been battling for first with Strawberry since it began, with Cucamelon and Wax Jambu right behind. Even though I admittedly haven’t gotten a single point yet, Marc steps up and definitely has the most points on our crew. We just recently lost the lead to Strawberry, and I am pinning that to them having more members on their crew than us. Hopefully we can get back to first, where we deserve to be, soon enough.

Remember to put Jabuti in it!!

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Hey guys, Steph here (:

As of now our crew is in the middle of production.  We have completely filmed five out of our total of fourteen scenes and are almost done editing them.  Recently, we added a new member to the cast of Jabuticaba.  After his impressive, emotional audition, we warmly welcomed Kody McCann to the cast.  Now we have officially casted all of the characters in the film, and working around everyone’s schedules has been a slight setback.  However, we hope to be done filming around early March.

My contribution has been working on some of the editing.  Shannon has really come through with all of the art direction – always remembering to bring everything and allowing us to use her house for filming.  Also she makes amazing varieties of trail mix (with varieties of dried fruits) that we all enjoy on the set of filming.  Overall our crew is a very hardworking bunch and we’re making great progress.

Jabuticaba recently challenged Strawberry to a laser-tag battle, which they accepted.  We are still planning the date of the showdown, but we will keep you up to date and let you know when it happens.

Put Jabuti in it ;D

Photo on 1-23-15 at 10.37 AM

On a tangent, this picture is missing Marc because he is a traitor.

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Back at it

Hi, this is Shannon Baker, art director of the JabutiCrew. I am extremely excited for this year as it is my first year in Film. My crew is fantastic and we are working together to get a lot done.

We have started production. Our first scene filmed was an intense scene. Before vacation, we shot a scene that became loud and may have scared some nearby students. During vacation, we shot a therapy scene at my house with our first out-of-film actor. All members of our crew have worked hard and really put in effort.

We are finalizing our actors, with one spot left to fill. We need to find the perfect actor to elicit sympathy from our audience. We have all outfits set for Marc and as we continue to work with other actors/actresses, we will add to our wardrobe. Also, we currently are dominating in music trivs. We are leading the class at 33 points and soon we will have more.

Again, we continue to be the most efficient crew as we are submerged in the filming process. ** send off coming soon**

Photo on 2015-01-12 at 08.20

Shoutout to our newest actor!!

Photo on 2015-01-12 at 08.29

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Our Own Blog

Hi, this is Mel Caneja and this is officially Jabuticaba’s, or JabutiCrew’s as we like to call it, first blog post!   We are very excited about film this year and even more excited about our crew.  Marc Sheehan and myself are super pumped to direct this year, especially with Tyler Barry as assistant director, Shannon Baker as art director, and Steph Lund as editor.  Marc and I expect to have a great film this year especially because of the dedicated, talented crew we have.

In regards to our progress so far, we are well underway with pre-production.  We have had our script meeting with Alan, which went great and has allowed us to finalize the script.  We’ve also finished the vision, all our shot lists and storyboards, and Shannon has done a great amount of art direction work, especially with the prop lists and mood maps.  AND, we’ve decided wardrobe for all major characters, so now we can start searching for the key elements to each outfit.

These past couple days have been awesome for set, too, because we’ve figured out where we are filming all our major scenes, which is HUGE (not that I can reveal anything about them).

This Saturday we are having our first crew hangout (naturally a movie night) where we’ll watch…a movie.  However, this won’t only be a movie night.  We also intend to digital story board 2 of our scenes; so basically it will be a pretty successful night.

Welp, that’s Jabuticaba for you, we’re pretty much the most efficient crew since we’re essentially DONE with pre-production, so yeah.  We’ll update soon.  *****SEND OFF IN PROGRESS****

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